Tuesday, February 9, 2010

goals and excuses

Goals for the next month:

1. Portion control and better eating choices
2. Exercising more than three days a week, seeing what I can do with a sore knee
3. Keep drinking lots of water
4. Plan meals ahead for better results
5. Make my blog more exciting

Excuses that I need to overcome:

1. Having a bad day so dont care what I eat
2. Not enough time to prepare meals
3. One bad day wont hurt
4. too tired
5. too stressed

feb 9th

Ok, so I totally did not blog once a week like planned last month. Having a harder time staying motivated the last few days. Superbowl party did not help. I will be writing down for myself what things keep me from my goals. I did do better with being under alot of stress the last month not to eat poorly during those times. Eating out is a real challenge since I have favorite things at most restaurants and they are not low in fat etc. I have struggled with the low carb diet and eaten so few somedays that I ended up out of energy. I am learning what kinds of things work for me. I have been doing water aerobics about two to three times a week. I need to experiment with more excercise. My knee has been sore but I will have to see what kinds of things hurt it more and what I can still do.